Pet Doors

How to Help Them Use Pet Doors

Having a pet at home can be one of the most life changing events of our lives. They make our lives happier by sending sunshine in but they can make it also terrible. Why? Because we have to attend to all of their needs and whimpering more than what a human child can ask from us.

Yet, pets can be very intelligent and they can be trained to do tricks and even to do things. What we need to have is patience so we can stand the time and be able to work it out with our dogs, cats and other domestic animals that we can think of as having them inside our home.

One of the best things that we can teach them is to help them use pet doors that would allow them to go in and out of our house no matter what time of the day they would like. This would be very convenient to the owners because they do not have to follow each movement of their dogs whenever they want to go out for a poop or a pee.

Their problem now is how to train them to use that door because they might be surprised about it and they might not get used to it. We have to help them figure out on how to use them.

Be Regular With Your Training

One thing that would help them learn how to use the new flappy thing is to be consistent with training especially with time. It is important that we give all of our attention to them during our training so that they would sense that we are serious and we are helping them gain good habits. We have to pick a time that we are in our best condition and our pets are relaxed and not too energetic or too weak to move. We do not have to spend hours on the training but be content with the time being that your pet is giving you to train him. We do not want to exhaust them with too much training so we have to be gentle with them.

Get to Know Their Inclination

We have to be sure that they love to train with us. It is important that we know on which side they are in. Helping them get used with the flaps would be more effective when we know how to identify if they love outdoors or they love the indoors. When they love the outdoors, we have to position ourselves outside our house so they would come towards us and successfully pass through the flap.

Reward Them

The training would be more effective when we learn to give them rewards for every time that they are able to successfully pass through the flap. We will use biscuits or other dog food as a bait to get them pass through it. Be sure not to betray their trust by not giving them the reward.

We would be thankful when we have been patiently teaching them the trick. Our lives as a pet owner would be more easier now that they know how to use the flap.